Tag - Stahl

Stahl VFZ-52

Stahl VFZ-52 specs; 180 degree Z knife action for four-directional folding; Sheet controlled kni...

2002 Stahl KD2-78 KTL

Stahl KD2-78 KTL specs:; 30in Wide; 4 plates; 2 Knife Unit Countfeed; Stahl Stacker; See more ma...

1991 Stahl TH50 44K

This 1991 Stahl TH50 44K bindery and finishing equipment is a reliable choice for any printing an...

Stahl B20

Stahl B20; B20 Folder; Size 20x26; with Right Angle; See more machines like this on

Stahl RD-78

Stahl RD-78; Continuous Feed Folder; HHG Gluing Unit; with SSP-78D; Stahl RD-78 - Printers Pa...

1989 Stahl TX 52 4/4

1989 Stahl TX 52 4/4 - Flat Pile Feeder; With Right Angle; Printers Parts and Equipment, a lead...

1988 Stahl RF78/TFU66

1988 Stahl RF78/TFU66 - Continuous Feed Folder; Good Condition; 4/4/4; Printers Parts and Equi...



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